BlackBox Master is a reasoning game. The player fires electrons into a "Black Box" and tries to deduce where hidden Atoms are located based on where the electrons come out, if they ever do.


Main Game Window

Main Board Window

When starting BlackBox Master, you get a 10x10 box with 5 hidden atoms.

Both the size and number of atoms can be changed in the parameters menu, the bigger the board size and the more atoms you hide, the harder the game is.

Atoms Flagging

Searching for Atoms

You search for Atoms by firing electrons in the BlackBox. This is done by clicking on the border of the board. The place where the electrons come out by will be marked by a redish color. Each time you think you've found an atom's location, just click on it and a trap will appear.

Learning Mode

Once the game is over, BlackBox provides you with a learning mode. In this mode, the rays that are created by the electrons you fire in the box will be displayed. This will allow you to understand why you missed some of those little atoms ;)

Learning Mode


The latest stable release is BlackBox Master 1.2

Building from source

In order to build from source, you'll need the following libraries installed:

tar -xzf blackboxmaster-src.tar.gz
cd blackboxmaster
make install

Bug Management

Please use Blackbox Master project page on Sourceforge in order to report Bugs